PittGrid Accounts

How do I obtain a PittGrid Account?

In order to obtain a PittGrid account, you'll need to sign up with your email address, and your Pitt ID. Note that you will need approval from your Research Guide to use PittGrid (students and research associates only; faculty and staff need not be concerned with this). You will also be asked for a brief project description and the name of your department.

Once your account has been established, you will receive an email from Senthil, and you will have access to the PittGrid server. You can then login with your Pitt ID and password to access PittGrid.


If there is Publication based on results from PittGrid, please acknowledge PittGrid in the acknowledgement, something like. "This research was supported in part by Computational Resources on PittGrid (www.pittgrid.pitt.edu)."

Please email the publication or the link to publication to Senthil. And also please notify submitted papers which are under review and rejected.

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senthil (AT) pitt (DOT) edu

Last updated: 09/11/14